Wedding Tasting & Consultation Booking (Monthly)

Wedding Tasting & Consultation Booking (Monthly)


Our Monthly Tasting & Consultation is a 1-hour individual appointment where we discuss your wedding and brief, bounce design ideas, see our portfolio, taste our cake samples.  With the current Covid situation, we are offering this remote option only - to have your cake sample box delivered followed by email / video call constulation.  Simply telling us your delivery address at checkout and choose the first dropdown from delivery for next day delivery (all of UK).  


After you've checked out please do fill in the inquiry form on the wedding cake page so we can have a better idea of your wedding!

  • T&C

    * Strictly for Wedding Cakes only

    * Cancellations up to 2 weeks before your consultation date is fully refundable. Any cancellation after that is non-refundable as we have limited slots each month which we won't be able to fill by this time.

  • Redeemable

    For orders of £400 or more.