Floral Medley

Floral Medley

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Our designer stencils provide an easy, fun way to elevate your cake design. This particular stencil is designed specifically to use individual elements within the design (think macarons!)  Great for both beginners and professionals, you can quickly create stunning intricate texture and depth.  Get creative with tone-on-tone textures, contrast higlights, metallic spray for a gilded effect and much more!  Happy mistakes and mess welcome!  Follow @belsizecakes on instagram for tips and tutorials.  


  • Stencil can be used in its entirety or isolated elements for isolated "spot stenciling"
  • Easy Cleaning: Soak in baking tray or large bowl of warm soap water, then rinse under warm/hot tap water.
  • Size

    Medium Size: 19cm Height x 18cm Width (7.5" x 7") 

  • When to Use

    • Use on any type of cake base (ganache, fondant, or super chilled buttercream) 
    • Use any icing type to decorate- buttercream (swiss, italian, american), ganache, royal icing, even edible metallic spray!