FAQ for bespoke orders

  • How do we order?  Please start the inquiry with our easy online bespoke form on the bespoke cakes page.  It's the quickest way for us to respond to your query and you can also choose your elements such as toppings, cake finish, or upload any inspo images and event details there.  We'll then come back with pricing.  You can also order bespoke cupcakes on the same form.  All orders are confirmed upon full payment in advance. We only take a limited number of orders per week / day, so we base our schedule on a first paid / first served policy.  We require payment at least 7 days before order is due.  

  • When to order?  In general, we are booked up about 2-4 weeks in advance.  We advise placing your order a month ahead of your event to be on the safe side.   For last minute orders (1-3 days' notice), please check with us for availability. 

  • Is there a pricing guide?  Price depends on cake size, complexity of design, time, labor and ingredient cost.  Below is the cake sizes in diameter.  We now have a new "Lockdown" size, a 3-layer TALL 4" diameter cake!  (Please see further below for cutting method that yields maximum portions).  

             Lockdown Size (max 5 ppl)         fm £  65.00

             6" (approx 10 ppl)                         fm £  85.00

             6" TALL (approx 15 ppl)               fm £ 120.00

             8" (approx 20 ppl)                        fm £ 150.00

             8" TALL (approx 40 ppl)              fm £ 220.00

             10" (approx 30)                             fm £ 200.00


Cupcakes are £3.50 - £4.50 depending on design or special toppings (macarons, meringue kisses, choco shards fall into this category).  You can let me know the color(s) and any other design request.  Minimum 6 cupcakes / flavour (we work on 6, 12, 18, 24 units).  

  • What are your best-selling flavours?  


            1)   Chocolate sponge with these frosting: 

                 Chocolate, Cream cheese, Oreo-crushed Cream Cheese, Hazelnut, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Ganache. 

            2)  Lemon Elderflower, or Lemon Raspberry 

            3)  Vanilla or Cookie Dough

            4)  Red Velvet                                                      


            For a full list of our flavours, click here.  We can also bespoke pair frosting and sponges! 

  • What cake icing do you use?  We generally use italian meringue buttercream for the icing which gives a beautiful silky finish while not too sweet!  Other choices are ganache or fondant finish which we recommend for summer outdoor events and is charged higher for the extra materials and time.  

  • Do you have a design policy?  We have a contemporary aesthestic and our philosophy is to create beautiful artistic cakes in a low-touch and fresh method as possible, so we do not offer fondant figurine-heavy novelty cakes (sorry kids!)  All our cakes are uniquely created in our Belsize Cakes style based on your brief and therefore don't copy other cake designs but you're welcome to send inspo images as a way to communicate certain design elements.  Having said that, we do work best when we are given creative freedom!  (You can select this option in our online query form.)

  • Can we choose specific fresh flowers- if you choose this element, we aim to match the flower color we discussed but can't guarantee exact flower type as it depends on seasonal availability on the day of your cake delivery.

  • Do you offer gluten-free or vegan options?  We now offer gluten-free cakes!

  • Is your kitchen nut-free?  We are not a nut-free kitchen (and our cakes are made with flour, eggs, milk, and butter).   Some of our cakes are made without nuts or eggs but we do frequently use these ingredients in our kitchen and unfortunately this means that our products are not suitable for people with severe allergies. 

  • How should we cut the cake?  To maximise portions, we recommend cutting in slabs (vertical straight lines like square grids) rather than the traditional cake slice method.  To do so, cut a 1" deep cut all the way down from one side of the cake, then put a cutting board or a large plate against this side of the cake and lean over on the plate.  Then cut in rectangle/square grids.  We will include visual cake cutting guides with all our cake orders.  

  • How do we store the cake?  Always keep our cake in a cool, shaded area away from heat.  To keep uncut cake more than 2 days, we recommend keeping it in the fridge in our cake box or an airtight container.  Make sure to bring to room temperature at least an hour before serving.  Leftovers can be sliced, cling-film wrapped twice and frozen up to 2 months beautifully.  Defrost at room temperature.  

  • What's your delivery fee?  Depends on your postcode and is generally £5 to £15 for Central London.  Collection is also available at our NW8 address.  We recommend receiving the cake 1-2 hours before your event.