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  • What is your shipping method?
    For UK deliveries, we offer Royal Mail 1st class (1-2 working days) and Tracked 24 hours. For outside UK, we offer Royal Mail International Standard (5-7 working days), Royal Mail International Tracked (5-7 working days), and DHL for express (2-5 working days).
  • Do you offer express international shipping?
    Yes, we offer DHL express for most countries.
  • Which stencils are best for beginners?
    Stencils that are intricately patterned such as the "Art Deco", "Dewdrop", "Art Nouveau" from our range.
  • How do we stencil for the first time?
    If this is your first time, we recommend choosing a stencil that are intricately patterned (such as the "Art Deco", "Dewdrop" or "Art Nouveau" from our range). Then follow the below steps! 😍 1) Refrigerate your iced cake for at least 20-30min and take it out right before stenciling. 2) Holding the stencil at the top, loosely lean it against the the cake while letting the stencil touch the bottom cake board, then use a spatula to apply firm (not runny!) buttercream and work from the bottom up. (This will "stick" the stencil on the cake securely without you having to hold it!) 3) Simply peel from the top! 🤗 😉 For quick tutorials, go to our reels page on our instagram @belsizcakes !
  • Is there a video tutorial showing how to stencil?
    Yes, check out our instagram reels where we compiled stencilling tutorials using different techniques and methods (we have a ton there!) 🤗
  • Which stencils go well with virtually any style of cake design?
    We find that "Art Deco" and "Dewdrop" are the most versatile for any style of cake, occasion or gender! 😀
  • Can I use the stencil on American Buttercream, Swiss Meringue Buttercream or Italian Meringue BC or even fondant?
    Yes all of the above! 😎
  • How do we use the stencil on American Buttercream?
    Great news! 😊 American BC is the easiest to stencil on! Just let your iced cake dry or crust before stencilling on it!
  • How do we use the stencil on Swiss Meringue BC or Italian Meringue BC?
    Just make sure your iced cake is super cold when you stencil (refrigerate for minimum 20-30min and take it out right before stenciling!)
  • Can I use the stencil on cream cheese frosting?
    Cream cheese frosting can be unstable and melt quickly and easily even after refrigerating it, so we don't advise stencilling on cream cheese frosting unless the cake can stay cold at all times before being cut.
  • What other things can I stencil with besides buttercream?
    We love metallic (gold, silver or bronze!) - either edible sprays or simply paint it on! 😊
  • What do you do if you made a mistake stencilling and want to start over?
    1) Refrigerate the cake for about 10 minutes so the stencilled area is firm, then use a scraper to scrape it off. 2) Apply a clean thin layer of buttercream if needed. 3) Then refrigerate and stencil again! ☺️
  • What is the best tool to stencil the buttercream with?
    Any spatula (most commonly used!) but any type of scrapers works too. Whatever is easiest for you!
  • What colors should I stencil in?
    Any color really beautifies! 😍 Whether it's the same color as your iced cake (tone-on-tone is great for creating depth), or white-on-color, contrasting colors (white/pink, black/white etc), gold metallic, or different shades of the same color (light pink and pink). If you're out of ideas, stencilling white on any color is fail-proof and also the easiest! 😊
  • What type of cake shape can you stencil on?
    Most commonly used is on round cakes, but it works very well (and actually easier!) on flat surfaced cakes like cube or rectangular cakes. 😚
  • What size of cakes can the stencil be used on?
    Our stencils work on anything from mini cakes to double-barrel size!
  • Do you need to scrape off the excess of the buttercream after stencilling?
    Often, this is not needed at all but some cake decorators use scrapers to take the excess off, and this also makes the stencilling effect detailed and high definition. 🤗
  • Can the stencil be used in other things besides cakes?
    Yes! Many cake decorators use it on cookies and fondant too! 😎
  • What do you do if you stencilled and have some areas that you missed or you're not happy with?
    Honestly, just casual spot-stencilling in random places is super easy and enough for a beautiful effect so don't worry about this at all! But if you're a perfectionist (so many of us are!) then use sprinkles, edible gold flakes or flowers to cover the areas you're not happy with, no one will know the difference !! 😎
  • What are some classic mistakes and troubleshooting advice if you're stencilling for the first time?
    If the stencilling comes out smudgy or buttercream peels off your cake when you're peeling the stencil off, if could be be one or more of the following reasons : 1) Most of the time it's because your iced cake is not cold and firm enough (make sure cake is super cold, minimum 20-30min in the fridge) and take it out RIGHT BEFORE stencilling (especially if your kitchen is warm!) 2) The buttercream used to stencil is runny and not firm. This effects the quality of the stencilling- the firmer the better for high definition! So use cold and firm buttercream (refrigerate if needed!) 3) You're pressing the stencil against the cake with your hands too hard or too long, it might melt the buttercream and could smudge or peel the buttercream off your cake. Warm fingers is a no no! Hope this helps! 😊
  • What is the best way to store the cake after stencilling?
    Ideally in the fridge or a cool shaded area.
  • How do we wash the stencil?
    Run it under warm water first, then rinse with tiny bit of soap and warm water. We do not advise putting it in the dishwasher.
  • How long does the stencil last?
    Our stencils can last forever (on thousands of cakes)! 😎
  • How do we store the stencil?
    Easiest way is to keep it in our packaging - this will ensure it'll stay untangled and also easy for you to stack, file and view the stencil design too (as we have the clear packaging window).
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